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Greed The Artist

Greed The Artist (Elijiah Castillo) is a designer, illustration artist. He was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, and thats where he currently resides.

Greed The Artist is constantly evolving and exploring new styles and mediums with every work he produces. But he is proficient in the direction he wants to go towards. He's inspired by cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, and streetwear. 

He started his brand Broken Incorporated during the 2020 pandemic during his senior year of high school. By the time he graduated he had some recognition in the school due to the high traffic of his first shirt he released. 

He's the whole operation of the entire brand without any assistance. The one-man army that can take on anyone when push comes to shove. He hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and he hopes that his efforts are working.

Additional Inspirations comes from; $uicideboy$, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Tyler the Creator, Javen (Felicia The Dude), and Greed The Artist's father. 

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